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Compost for Better Crops, Lower Costs and Fantastic Results!

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If you live in the northern hemisphere spring is right around the corner.  And for our southern hemisphere friends, you are fast approaching autumn.  No matter what end of the spectrum, it’s times to turn attention to your garden.

It’s a good bet that if you are reading this you are already a gardener.  Preparing for your next crop is uppermost in your mind. Is it a late fall cool weather planting? Or do you have visions of sweet, juicy strawberries smothered in heavy whipped cream?

Regardless, all gardeners live for tomorrow.  Patience and planning are your best friends.  Whether you are a new member of the “green thumb club” or a seasoned veteran chances are you have given some thought to . . . wait for it . . . drum roll please . . . yes, you’re right on the money, it’s composting!!

What?  Disappointed?  Well nobody said this was r-rated material.  So it’s not very sexy.  Unless you are an earthworm.  Huh?  Yes, this information is crucial to the life and times of your friendly neighborhood earthworms!

Look, we aren’t going to extol the virtues of gardening.  If you are here and reading this, you know how beneficial growing your own fruits and vegetables can be.  Eat healthier, fresh air and exercise are a given when you garden.

What we would like to do is help make your gardening efforts more . . . well . . . more!

How can you do that?

All the tools you need are presented for you in Compost for Your Garden!

This comprehensive guide will help you to understand:

1) What compost is and is not.

2) Why you should use compost.

3) The benefits of having your own compost.

4) When to start and prepare your first pile.

5) How you can reduce most risks.

6) How you can deal with composting problems.

and the best parts are . . .

  • You don’t need any special horticultural or agricultural education. It’s a very easy read.
  • It doesn’t require much time to get the basics you need – You can start working on your first pile as soon as you’ve read the guide.
  • Cost is minimal – Once you’ve discovered what you need to get started you’ll find it’s a steal!

Take a peek inside and you will find out everything you need to know to about Compost for Your Garden!:

Learn what types of bins and boxes are most helpful. Find out everything you need to know about worm farms. Discover the best choices for your first compost. How to find the most helpful resources.

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