Fund Raising Idea – Simple Plan To Make Money For Charity!

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If You Have Charity Or Fundraisers As Clients Then This Is For Them. A Simple To Follow Plan That Will Help Them To Make Money Easily. Fully Prepared Templates And Instructions.

Finally! A simple ‘21 Step Plan’ that lets you run the most successful fundraiser that your group ever has…..

Let’s show you how you can get an income of £5,000 for your group and it is so easy anyone can follow this easy step by step plan. Not only that but your group will have a great evenings entertainment too.
Have you just been told that you are now in charge of running this years fundraiser and that you need to do something that has not been done before and you are feeling at a loss. You have never had to do anything like this before…….. and all of the people who have ever done any other fundraising are suddenly unavailable!!!

What do you do!!!
Imagine this…….
A complete simple to follow system that takes you from start to finish covering every aspect of your planning and organising!
A proven plan that will guarantee success every time…. No Risks!
No need for any technical skills……. each part of the fund raising idea is clearly laid out with full instructions
An EMERGENCY PLAN to cover every eventuality should disaster strike!

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