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  How to open up Chinese market with less trouble, efforts and    risks?                                                                 

 You want to export your own products to China, but frustrated with so many difficulties and obstacles. Becuase you  know very little about Chinese culture and China Business and their people. Our professional team in this Book are always at your service to help you to solve all your problems. 

This Book contains valuable information and useful resources, such as Chinese Tradition & Customs, I Ching, Confucianism & Taoism, Chinese Literature, Chinese Kungfu, Face Reading & Chinese Palmistry, Chinese ways of doing business, GuanXi, Mianzi and Ranks & more - Chinese Mindset explained etc. specially designed for Westerners who want to explore and open up Chinese market with minimized cost.

About the Author
As Business Director and Founder of Australia Jada International Trading
Company, Mr. Richard Tong has
 abundant experience of International Business with China. He also has
many years of study, living ad working experience in China before settling in Australia

Mr. Richard Tong has Chinese background. He understands Chinese culture very well and can speak fluent Mandarin and some Chinese dialects.
His work can be the bridge between East and West.

GuanXi is the key to getting anything done in China — the single most important factor for success in the country.

The Chinese widely believe that it trumps intelligence, knowledge, talent, ambition…and even wealth. Because without the right guanxi, it’s hard to get ahead in China — competitors with better guanxi, for instance, can block you at every turn.

To get anything done in China, you need to navigate through China’s vast bureaucracy — dealing with all kinds of public officials, agencies and businesses. Guanxi isn’t just for getting ahead in business and politics. It’s how things get done in China – everything from getting help moving to meeting a potential spouse to finding a new job or apartment.

For better or worse, guanxi is the oil that keeps wheels of commerce, politics and society in general running in China.    




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Part 1 — Preface

About the Author
The Five Biggest Challenges to Doing Business in China

Part 2 — Guanxi, An Important Chinese Business Element
What is Guanxi?
Main Basics from China: Guanxi & Face in Busines
Mianzi - Keep Face, Keep Relationship
Rank & Title
Guan xi, mianzi and ranks & more - Chinese Mindset explained

GuanXi in China : The oil that keeps China running

A Mutual Web Of Interdependence

But It's not fair! ( I hear you whine)

Going Through The Back Door

A Word Of Caution…

The Drunken Banquet: A Time - Honoured Chinese Tradition
How To Building & Managing Guanxi as
a Foreigner?
How to Find Chinese Distributors

China Business Today

Part 3 — Chinese Traditional Culture Overview

Chinese Culture

Man & the Universe
I Ching
5000 years Chinese History

Confucianism & Taoism
Chinese Literature & Chinese Kungfu
Face Reading &
Chinese Palmistry - Your Fate is in Your Hand

Chinese Film Industry

Chinese Food

The Chinese Character, an Interpretable Chinese Culture

Part 4 - Relevant Articles

The King of Guanxi

Guanxi and Guanxixue: The Advantage of Personal Connections in Modern China
When Good Guanxi Turns Bad

Part 5 — Appendix & References

Public Holidays in China
Chinese Zodiac
Chinese & English Language Translation

Sea Freight Container Dimensions
International Trade Glossary of Terms

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This book will also assist all westerners. Only Mr. Richard Tong has Chinese background, but has been Australian citizen for more than 10 years and has competent pist business executives to the next level of excellence. Many authors of similar Business Books proficiency level of English language.

Dear Friend,

Your hunt for a book or philosophy to boost your commercial activity with China is over!

As we are offering a unique piece of writing in the productivity space, ‘’How to Export to China’’. China’s popularity is increasing due to booming economy and overwhelming growth. This book’’ How To Export To China’’, exclusively deals with business culture in China by highlighting the stories of different persons. Since China offers huge potential market along with high economic growth. Therefore it becomes a great attraction for the export market. There are multiple factors that need to be considered when one wants, goods to be exported. It talks about some of the business etiquettes which includes great cross cultural communication, courtesy, trustworthiness and professionalism. The growing Chinese market provides a pathway for international companies who wish to expand their economic growth. In Chinese business culture, guanxi holds an important place in the heart of Chinese people. The word guanxi means relationships with compassion and cooperation that is to build a strong relationship among trading parties. ‘’The Chinese business model tends to be less contractual and more based on trust and the guanxi’’John Russell, Director, North Head. The guanxi perspective is all about maintain respectful, loyal and goodwill friendship, when working and managing with Chinese people.

In this book you will get to know many facts of exporting to China, as it covers the general process of: Exporting to China, Essential Documentations, Compilation Requirements, Benefits and the important rules regarding export. It will help the exporters to minimize the risk of losing money by identifying and cultivating the opportunities. It will help the entrepreneurs and the business men to create perfect opportunity to flourish by exporting their product. This book How to export to China also talks in detail about the Chinese norms, culture and society that will assist the reader in growing their business faster. You can convert your dreams and vision into reality. If they are facing any problem in Chinese market, this book will fill a much needed gap, by providing an ideal solution. Sometimes it becomes hard to find right person, right market, right selling product and right delivery to the destination. On the other hand, sometimes exporters may face language and cultural issues like language barrier, e.g. when one is from English speaking country. If the exporters are unaware of these problems, they might lose whole of their investments during this process. Thus it can be said that reading this piece of writing is essential as the writer has keenly provided the answers of all the problems which the exporter may face during the whole process. In order to get huge success one must know cultural situation and adjust oneself according to it.

All in all, you would be able to

  • Become cultural familiar

  • Recognize new challenges

  • Learn about unique Chinese culture and historical background

  • Get to know about Chinese people

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The I Ching 易经 (also known as the Yì Jīng, Yi King and I Ging) the "Book of Changes" or more accurately "Classic of Change", is the oldest of the Chinese classic texts. The book is also known as Zhou Yi, the "Changes of Zhou", in ancient Chinese literature which indicates the book was based on work from Zhou Dynasty.

The Yi Jing is based on an ancient system of cosmology and philosophy which is at the heart of Chinese cultural beliefs. This philosophy is centred around the ideas of balance through opposites, and acceptance of change.

In Asia, the Yi Jing is the most popular form of prediction, and it is becoming increasingly popular throughout the rest of the world.                       

To manage guan xi or social connection in China is challenging. Salvaging guanxi in jeopardy is an

arts. This refers to not only to you as a foreigner, but to the Chinese as well. 

Having basic understanding about what guanxi is helpful.  But to master the arts, you'd have to go

through trials and errors. 

  • China is home to a growing middle class with a big appetite for consumer goods

  • Western firms looking to tap China should be innovative and flexible, analysts say

  • They also need to adopt a long-term approach and build a strong local team

  • Competition, corruption, business etiquette and language are some of the hurdles

About Pinyin 拼 音

Hanyu Pinyin is the official system to transcribe Mandarin Chinese sounds into the Roman alphabet. It was invented in 1950s, and adopted as a standard in mainland China in 1958. Pinyin is used for several puposes, such as teaching chinese, transcribing names and places into the roman alphabet, and used as an input method for typing Chinese characters.

Chinese Literature  中 国文学
China is the only country in the world with a literature written in one language for more than 3,000

consecutive years. This continuity results largely from the nature of the written language itself. It is

the use of characters, not letters as in Western languages, that is most important in the Chinese

language. The characters stand for things or ideas and so, unlike groups of letters, they cannot and

need never be sounded. Thus Chinese could be read by people in all parts of the country in spite of

gradual changes in pronunciation, the emergence of regional and local dialects, and modification of

the characters .

                        Chinese Movie Industry  中国电影

Chinese Palmistry - Your Fate is in Your Hand

Chinese Palmistry began more than 3000 years ago. Chinese Palm Reading became popular since Zhou Dynasty (1122 B.C.). The complete Chinese Palmistry system had been developed during Western Han Dynasty (206 B.C.) Chinese Palmistry, Hand Reading, was combined into Chinese Physiognomy, Face Reading. Chinese Physiognomy covers body reading, appearance reading, voice reading, foot reading and body movement reading. The Palmistry and Physiognomy are able to understand people's personality, character and potential. Also, they can predict people's health, marriage, wealth, career and future.

Confucianism, 儒家思想 the most profound and dynamic thought system in traditional Chinese culture, has for centuries exerted great influences on China's economy, politics, and culture. It is not surprising, then, that the traditional Chinese business culture was deeply associated with Confucianism.

On top of that, the writer also talks about the necessary tips like body language and gestures that need to be incorporated for financial success with China, in order to avoid pitfalls. We believe that it is important to have this business book as it will definitely help those who are intending to dream their way to the top. Well, what makes this work an absolutely good read is that it lays out how Chinese even in 21st C stick to their traditional values for their successful commercial activity.

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After reading this book, we assure you that you would be in a great pleasure with the results. The reader will get to know the absolute philosophy regarding;

  • How to do business in China?

  • The ingredients to corporate and business success.

  • What is Guanxi and how it can be created

  • Importance of Guanxi.

  • Business mentality in term of desires and ambitions of Chinese people.

  • Inside view to Chinese cultural values.

Please don't hesitate.  Whether you would like to make a few hundred dollars extra each month, or are looking for a full-time business to take you away from the stress, you owe it to yourself to take a good look at this business model.  Do it now!

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