GuanXi in China                        

Guanxi literally means relationship in Chinese. Without a well developed legal system protection, we need Guan Xi which is powerful way in China Business to ensure that mutually
beneficial exchange and cooperation can happen.

Chinese Mindset explained - Guan xi, mianzi and ranks & more.   

If you want to sell your products to Chinese market, you need to understand Chinese culture and Chinese ways of doing business. This Book contains valuable information and useful
resources for exporters who want to open up Chinese market with less trouble, efforts and risks.

About the Author
As Business Director and Founder of Australia Jada International Trading Company, Mr. Richard Tong has abundant experience of International Business with China.

Mr. Richard Tong has Chinese background. He understands Chinese culture very well and can speak fluent Mandarin and some Chinese dialects. His work can be the bridge between East and West.

It can be the milestone for people in western countries, but also many other English
speaking countries who are hoping for developing the business relation with China
and help many westerners who are eager to know more about Chinese culture.

You are interested in importing from China, but frustrated with so many difficulties
and obstacles. Our professional team in this Book are always at your service to help
you to solve all the problems. This book will also assist business executives to the
next level of excellence. Many authors of similar Business Books are all westerners.
Only Mr. Richard Tong has Chinese background, but has been Australian citizen for
more than 10 years and has c
ompetent proficiency level of English language.

This Book contains valuable information and useful resources, such as language
translation, Chinese tradition & Customs, China Business Culture, Chinese ways
of doing business - GuanXi etc.. for exporters who want to open up Chinese market
with less trouble, efforts and risks.
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Guanxi” literally means "relationships", stands for any type of relationship. In the Chinese business world, however, it is also understood as the network of relationships among various parties that cooperate together and support one another. The Chinese businessmen mentality is very much one of "You scratch my back, I’ll scratch yours." In essence, this boils down to exchanging favors, which are expected to be done regularly and voluntarily. Therefore, it is an important concept to understand if one is to function effectively in Chinese society.
Guanxi is the key to getting anything done in China—the single most important factor for success in the country. The Chinese widely believe that it trumps intelligence, knowledge, talent, ambition…and even wealth. Because without the right guanxi, it’s hard to get ahead in China—competitors with better guanxi, for instance, can block you at every turn.

To get anything done in China, you need to navigate through China’s vast bureaucracy—dealing with all kinds of public officials, agencies and businesses. Guanxi isn’t just for getting ahead in business and politics. It’s how things get done in China–everything from getting help moving to meeting a potential spouse to finding a new job or apartment.

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Table of Contents

Part 1 – Preface

About the Author

How To Use this Book

Part 2 – China Business Culture
Chinese Traditional Culture Overview
China Business Today

List of Chinese Characters

What is Guanxi?

Part 3 - Guanxi, An Important
Chinese Business Element
Main Basics from China: Guanxi & Face in Busines
Mianzi - Keep Face, Keep Relationship
Rank & Title
Guan xi, mianzi and ranks & more - Chinese Mindset explained
GuanXi in China : The oil that keeps China running

  1. A Mutual Web Of Interdependence

  2. But It's not fair! ( I hear you whine)

  3. Going Through The Back Door

  4. A Word Of Caution…

  5. The Drunken Banquet: A Time - Honoured Chinese Tradition

How To Building & Managing Guanxi as a Foreigner?
  1. Initiating
   2. Building

   3. Harvesting

Part 4 - Reference Articles
  1. The King of Guanxi
    1. Vincent Lo's career shows what it takes
    2. for an outsider to succeed in China
    3. Seek no favour

    Guanxi and Guanxixue: The Advantage of Personal Connections in Modern China

    When Good Guanxi Turns Bad
    1. Dangerous Liaisons
    2. Create competition.
    3. Rotate the front line.
    4. Increase points of contact.

The Chinese culture is distinguished from the Western culture in many ways, including
how business is conducted. For example, the Chinese prefer to deal with people they
know and trust. On the surface, this does not seem to be much different from doing
business in the Western world. But in reality, the heavy reliance on relationship means
that western companies have to make themselves known to the Chinese before any
business can take place. Furthermore, this relationship is not simply between companies
but also between individuals at a personal level. The relationship is not just before sales
take place but it is an ongoing process. The company has to maintain the relationship if
it wants to do more business with the Chinese.